Avro Lancaster
The Story of the RCAF Lancaster

See Canadian built Lancasters from their construction at Victory Aircraft through to their use by the RCAF during and following World War II. Scenes include the Lancaster construction in Britain and Canada, bombing missions, sinking of the German battleship TIRPITZ, and post war use in Canada by the RCAF. The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum's Mynarski Memorial Lancaster is also featured. Scenes include restoration work, test flights, the dedication ceremonies, takeoffs and landings, and air to air shots. Today, the Museum's Lancaster is the only one flying in North America, and one of only two still flying in the world.

DVD Bonus: 19 min. of additional scenes added to the original 1989 production, plus THE MASTER PLAN, day and night bombing missions as carried out by A-20 Bostons and Lancasters.

Colour & B&W, 79 min. Price: $19.95
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Scenes from "AVRO LANCASTER"
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